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Join Nobuko & QUETZAL in FandangObon on Sunday, Nov. 3rd in Little Tokyo

Join Great Leap's Artistic Director Nobuko Miyamoto from Great Leap and Grammy-award winning QUETZAL this Sunday, November 3rd from 1pm to 3pm in the new cross cultural collaboration, FandangObon!

What is FandangObon? 

According to Nobuko, "It all started when Quetzal invited me to a Fandango class he and Martha Gonzalez were teaching. I was so impressed with the beautiful way in which everyone participated, either by playing a jarana (small ukulele-like instrument), by stomping out drum like rhythms or by singing. It reminded me of what Taiko and Obon are to the Japanese American community. Everyone takes part. In a time where we are mostly observers of entertainment or see life through our computer or cell phone screens, those gatherings are rare opportunities."

"So, for the past several weeks the Mottainai Band and I have been zigzagging across the First Street Bridge to meet up with Quetzal Flores and Martha Gonzalez of QUETZAL. Together, we have held workshops in various locations with the folks from Senshin, Higashi, Nishi Buddhist Temples, Self Help Graphics, Eastside Cafe, and we've even gone to Orange County to teach this new dance. I'm seeing the magic of music and dance unfolding in our new collaboration, BAM BUTSU--'all things connected.'  We've been sharing stories, learning about each other's traditions and finding the joy of dancing together.​"

Joining Nobuko and Quetzal in this fun, participatory day celebrating community-based arts joining the Mexican American and Japanese American communities, will be musicians from the Mottainai Band which includes the fantastic Danny Yamamoto, George Abe, Sean Miura, with Mottainai singers, Atomic Nancy Sekizawa, Carla Vega, Martha Gonzalez, and the Mottainai Kids.  Special guests include Luis Sarmiento, and Valera Miranda from Cuba.

Here is a video put together from the workshops they have been doing around town together for the last two months:

Did I mention that this event is FREE!  Yes!

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It will take place at the JACCC Noguchi Plaza, 244 S. San Pedro Street, Los Angeles, 90012.  Park at Aiso Parking Garage at 1st & San Pedro, Little Joe's on 2nd Street between San Pedro & Central, or you can find free street parking on Sundays.