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Monday Nights at the Ox

Most nights at the Lazy Ox Canteen, the seats are filled by folks of the non-Asian persuasion. So why are Monday nights any different?

Could it be "Half-off bottle night"? Combine that with happy hour (M-F, 5-7pm) and you just might have the ultimate bargain-seeker’s delight.

In general, the price for a full bottle of wine at the Ox is relatively affordable, with the selections very eclectic, from Argentine Malbecs to German Rieslings to Spanish Tempranillos, and everything in between.

It’s the food where things tend to get pricey. Keep in mind, the small plates are, well, small. Think izakaya or Asian-inspired tapas. Translation: don’t come here hungry. On second thought, hungry’s okay, just don’t come here starving.

An L.A. Times review said the Ox burger (comes with fries) is the best in town, but to be honest, if I want a burger, I'd rather hit Pete’s Café and Bar on 4th and Main or Café Metropol on 2nd (east of Alameda by R23) in the artist district.

Pete’s now has Mared Sous 8 on draft, and that’s a burger's best friend if you ask Ken Wada. Metropol has a Kobe-style burger, but opt for the sirloin instead, as it's both a better value and a bigger taste.

But where were we? Ah yes, Asian night, or rather, Monday nights at the Ox. Reservations are highly recommended on any night, but if they're fully booked for the night, the hostess hinted, "The bar is usually a good option around 6:30."

Oh, by the way, the half-off Monday special also includes beer bottles, I believe.