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Reminder...Final Budokan Meeting TOMORROW at JACCC

The CRA and LTSC are hosting one last workshop calling for YOU, the residents and stakeholders in Little Tokyo, to come out and voice your opinion about the Budokan design. The meeting is on Saturday, February 6, 9AM to 12PM at the 2nd floor of the JACCC.

The previous meetings had a great turnout and participation, and we need you to be there to make this final meeting just as fun and productive. On the agenda: the CRA has taken the surveys and suggestions from the previous meetings and will be unveiling the design concept that will be submitted for the Prop 84 grant application.

If you're on the fence, just realize that this is a great opportunity to make yourself heard and contribute to this community project...



...Voicing your opinions!

And as in previous meetings, there will be translators and free food! It's not just any Saturday that you get to participate in a project like this, so put on a raincoat and head on over to the JACCC tomorrow at 9AM!