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Nisei Week

The Annual Nisei Week Festival is starting soon! This years festival begins August 15th and runs until August 23rd.  There are so many things going on in Nisei Week you better check the schedule here. There is a car show, exhibits, performances, demonstrations parades and a whole lot of fun.  Here is a link to the official Nisei Week Website, where you can find out more information about this years festival.  

Incase you are not familiar with or do not know much about Nisei Week heres a brief overview as taken from Wikipedia.

"Nisei Week is an annual festival celebrating Japanese American (JA) culture and history in Little Tokyo, Los AngelesNisei means 2nd generation in Japanese, describing the first American born Japanese, a group which the seven day festival was originally meant to attract. Though named for the Nisei generation, Nisei Week is no longer targeted at Niseis, nor is the festival still contained within a week. Nisei Week Foundation president for 2006, Michelle Suzuki, described the festival as "the opportunity for people of all backgrounds to celebrate Japanese heritage and culture".[1]

Festivities are held over one month, though the main attractions are held during the primary two weekends of the festival in mid-August. Nisei Week draws tens of thousands of participants each year from both the Japanese community and Southern California area, mostly to its Grand Parade and specialized festivals, most notably the Tofu Festival. The 69th Annual Nisei Week will take place on August 15-23, 2009."

There is no more Tofu festival this year.

Be sure to stop by during Nisei Week and also check out their website so you can find out more about everything going on at Nisei Week.  

Heres a video from a past Nisei Week to give you and idea of what to expect.