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We've set up this space where members of the Little Tokyo community could share information, thoughts, ideas, and opinions about the Little Tokyo neighborhood, it's people, politics, culture/history, businesses, and events.


Recent Blog Changes

Hello this is Michael NCI Intern and blog moderator.  I wanted to talk about the recent changes to the blog, as some of you may be aware the blog had a major facelift last week, but for a variety of reasons, we have reverted back to the old style for now.  I apologize for any confusion or difficulties that may have caused.  

There are still some new changes to the blog, you can now easily subscribe via email or with your favorite feed reader easily be using the widgets on the right.  

Please stay tuned and check back frequently as the blog continues to grow in the near future. Many exciting things are possible, and the more people who are involved with posting on the blog and who visit the blog open up more possibilities.  So please subscribe and check back regularly, as well as spread the word and tell your friends.  

Little Tokyo UnBlogged is supposed to be a community blog, lately most of the post have been coming from me, but we would love for more people to post of this blog.  This is the place to share your opinions, experiences or spread the word about upcoming events in Little Tokyo.  The only criteria is that the post must have something to do with Little Tokyo.  If you would like to become a blogger please email info@littletokyounplugged.org