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Planning and Cultural Preservation Meeting

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Last week thursday I attended the Planning and Cultural Preservation Committee Meeting. It was held last week Wednesday at the JACCC in Little Tokyo. The Planning and Cultural Preservation Committee or PCPC is part of the Little Tokyo Community Council.

The meeting began with an update on the Little Tokyo Parking study, the parking study is nearing completion and should be coming out in the next few months. Data from summer festivals in Little Tokyo will be included in the parking study then the final report will be released. Some changes to parking in Little Tokyo may include the parking meter time limit changing from one hour to two hours, metering on Sundays, extending the operation time of meters to 8pm, and more signage.

There will be a Regional Connector meeting on August 5th, but I do not currently have the time and location, I will post that information when I find out.

Representatives from MTA also announced that last friday the MTA board voted on packaging the the Little Tokyo regional connector with another project to help increase the chances of receiving funding from the federal government. Instead of the two projects competing against each other, they would be competing with each other.

The bulk of the meeting consisting of critical discussion on the regional connector through Little Tokyo. The discussion was intense and many serious questions where asked. Members from all over the community where able to voice concerns and help clear up confusions they had about the regional connector.

A regional connector in Little Tokyo deal, its impact to Little Tokyo will be huge. There are currently 4 proposals for different configurations of how the regional connector will function in relation to Little Tokyo. Different versions include on street level, below street level, a shuttle system, and no build.

The topic of the regional connector is a large and complex story, as my first time attending the meeting, it took great effort to try and keep up with what they are talking about. Please let me know if any of the posted information is incorrect, or anything you may want to add.

Disclaimer: The information presented here is accurate to the best of my knowledge, if you notice anything incorrect or have any concerns or suggestions please contact me at moguro@ltsc.org. Thanks.