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LTCC Meeting 7/28/2009

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On Tuesday I sat in on the LTCC or Little Tokyo Community Council Meeting. It was held at the Japanese American National Museum at 12:00PM. I will summarize to the best of my recollection. The meeting began with a call to order and introductions of the new officers. The new Chair is Bill Watanabe, 1st Vice President Chair is Alan Kumamoto, 2nd Vice Chair Frances Hashimoto, Co Secretary, Kei Nagao, Co Secretary Mike Okamoto, and Treasurer Eric Kurimura.

The parking committee gave an update on the Metro Connector Transit Corridor Project. There was discussion that took place at the last PCPC Planning and Cultural Preservation Committee meeting which took place last week between committee members and
MTA representatives over the 4 proposals of the Metro Connector. There will be meeting of the Little Tokyo Working Group with Metros Regional Connector Light Rail Transit Team to discuss specifically concerns and issues relating to the Little Tokyo area. The meeting will be held August 5th 2009 fomr 4:30-6:30 at the Japanese American National Musuem. Please RSVP to Ginny Brideau @ 323-669-7654 or Ginny@therobertgroup.com to make sure they print out enough materials. Metro is planning on having this type of meeting 2-3 times, but the Metro staff is available to discuss issues during any phase of the project. They will have more completed technical analysis, that should help answer more questions and concerns.

Other updates included the addition of much needed green space in Little Tokyo, which would possibly include a Tea House donated by LAs sister city.

There will be no LTCC meeting in august, only the board of directors will meet. The next LTCC meeting will be in September.

Disclaimer: The information presented here is accurate to the best of my knowledge, if you notice anything incorrect or have any concerns or suggestions please contact me at moguro@ltsc.org. Thanks.