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Robot Trifecta UPDATE!

From Jeff Liu @ Visual Communications:

Festivities begin at 7:30 pm with King Zarkon HAPPY HOUR - complimentary beers until 8:30 pm or until our free beer runs out (just drop KING ZARKON's name to the bartenders) otherwise it's $3 a beer. We'll also be giving away door prizes all night long.

Please join the JACCC and Visual Communications this Friday night at the JACCC Plaza (244 S. San Pedro St.) for an amazing night filled with food, free giveaways, Facebook friends and the friggin' baddest robots who rocked the pre-90's animation world — ASTRO BOY, GIGANTOR and the original unedited Japanese version of VOLTRON (a.k.a. Go Lion). Feel free to bring your lawn chair, blanket, beach ball, because this will be a FREE outdoor screening on the JACCC Plaza!

DJ's Refine, Rani D and Akaider will be slaying mad monsters by mixing live soundtracks to the VOLTRON episodes! Join them, Princess Allura and the Go Lion pilots as they protect Arus and all of us from the evil King Zarkon of planet Doom!

Come join the fun, our first outdoor screening this year!