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Robot Trifecta UPDATE!

From Jeff Liu @ Visual Communications:

Festivities begin at 7:30 pm with King Zarkon HAPPY HOUR - complimentary beers until 8:30 pm or until our free beer runs out (just drop KING ZARKON's name to the bartenders) otherwise it's $3 a beer. We'll also be giving away door prizes all night long.

Please join the JACCC and Visual Communications this Friday night at the JACCC Plaza (244 S. San Pedro St.) for an amazing night filled with food, free giveaways, Facebook friends and the friggin' baddest robots who rocked the pre-90's animation world — ASTRO BOY, GIGANTOR and the original unedited Japanese version of VOLTRON (a.k.a. Go Lion). Feel free to bring your lawn chair, blanket, beach ball, because this will be a FREE outdoor screening on the JACCC Plaza!

DJ's Refine, Rani D and Akaider will be slaying mad monsters by mixing live soundtracks to the VOLTRON episodes! Join them, Princess Allura and the Go Lion pilots as they protect Arus and all of us from the evil King Zarkon of planet Doom!

Come join the fun, our first outdoor screening this year!

FREE Outdoor screening on the JACCC Plaza! This Friday!

Remember Astroboy, Gigantor and Voltron: Defender of the Universe? These three robots have been  protecting the universe over the last half century and now is your chance to see them!

If you remember them then this is just the event for you! If you don't this is the perfect time to get to know them!  

So bring your blankets and your appetite, there will be vendors such as Franken's Vegan Hot Dogs, All American Softy | Coffee and pretzels and Sushi Popper. 

This Robot Trifecta will be playing this Friday June 26th starting at 7:30PM at the JACCC Plaza in Little Tokyo.   Located at: 44 South San Pedro Street (between 2nd and 3rd Streets) Los Angeles (Little Tokyo), CA 90012 (213) 628-2725

The event will also feature a  Live Soundtrack REMIX of VOLTRON by DJ's Rani D, Akaider and Refine!

The event looks like classic summertime fun, bring all your friends, blankets, get ready for the Robot Trifecta!

You can check out the trailers by following these links, or read a quick description below:




ASTRO BOY (1963)
English version

The mother Japanese animation, Astro Boy was the first anime series to be broadcast on TV in Japan. The story follows the adventures of a heroic robot named Astro Boy which originated from the mangaof the same name, created by legendary Tezuka Osamu. ]

English version

Set in the "future" year of 2000, Gigantor is the story of a young boy named Jimmy Sparks who lives with his uncle Dr. Bob Brilliant on a remote island. With the help of a huge remote controlled robot named Gigantor, Jimmy fights crime around the world. Gigantor is the American adaptation of the Japanese anime and manga series Tetsujin 28-go by Mitsuteru Yokoyama. [

Appearance by Fred Ladd (original producer and writer for Astro Boy and Gigantor [U.S. Versions])

Original unedited Japanese version, with live soundtrack by DJ's Rani D and Akaider.

A team of five young pilots command five robot lions, which when combined form Voltron. In this undefined future era, the Voltron Force was in charge of protecting the planet Arus (ruled by Princess Allura) from the evil King Zarkon (from planet Doom), his son Lotor, and the witch Haggar, who would create huge Robeasts to terrorize the people of Arus.


Gold Line Safety Walk-Through

Yesterday, Kim Tachiki from US Representative Lucille Royball Allard's office arranged to have Little Tokyo Community Council members participate in a safety walk-through at the Metro Gold Line Little Tokyo / Arts District Station with Metro staff.

About five MTA representatives and engineers were on hand to field questions from a couple dozen community members about pedestrian safety and access around the Gold Line light rail station, which is slated for full operation sometime in August.

Upon walking up to the track crossing at the NE corner of 1st and Alameda, one is immediately struck at how "open" the crossing is, with little to keep a pedestrian from accidentally walking or falling over the tracks at an oncoming train (by the way, it's a $500 fine to walk on the tracks...but who reads signs when we're in a rush to catch a train or make the light?).

Many in the group were equally dismayed at the lack of barriers or gates to prevent an accident. MTA staff assured us, however, that gates are being evaluated, and that a study on the issue will be released in July or August...and there will be an opportunity for public comments.

The other questions that came up time and again were the lack of language-appropriate signage (some of the signs that were up did have Spanish translations). Many in the group expressed concerns over how local Japanese and Korean residents, most especially seniors, would be able to read the warnings. The MTA is also going to take into account the timing of pedestrian lights to enable seniors sufficient time to cross sidewalks.

Members in the group pointed out a lot of confusing designs and safety systems, so the walk-through was informative for both community members and the MTA staff. At the request of the participants, Metro representatives will be making presentations to the Little Tokyo Community Council and other groups, and will incorporate the comments and feedback from yesterday's meeting to the station's overall safety plan.


Celebrating 10 years of the Pavilion at JANM

It's hard to believe that it's already been ten years since we opened the Pavilion building with great festivities in 1999. In that time, there have been many, many community, art, and history exhibitions; countless public programs & events; and thousands of students and visitors who have learned about the Japanese American experience each year...and in so doing, hopefully have come to appreciate America's diversity a little more.

Join us as we celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Pavilion with a special Open House. It's FREE all day. We'll have family fun activities, special Members' Coffee, tours, workshops, and a concert featuring Paul Dateh, TAIKOPROJECT, and Maceo Hernandez!

Happy Tenth: Celebrate the Pavilion
Saturday, June 20, 2009
Japanese American National Museum

FREE all day!

Activities include:
• Family Fun Arts ‘n Crafts (All Day)
Fighting for Democracy Exhibition (11 AM –2 PM)
• Children’s Storytime with Rodney Kageyama (12 PM)
• Family Tour of Common Ground: The Heart of Community (1 PM & 2 PM)
• Taiko for Families Workshop (1:30 PM)

• Performances by Paul Dateh, TAIKOPROJECT & Demon Drummer from East LA with CAVA (3:30–5:30 PM)

Just for members:
• Members’ Coffee & Architectural Tour with remarks by President/CEO Akemi Kikumura Yano (10–11 AM) *Reservations required; space limited.
• Upper-level Member Collections Tour & Tea (By Invitation) (2:30 PM)
• Members’ Raffle (1 FREE ticket per member; winners must be present to win)

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: See the new kaeru frog design with a special t-shirt by Zolo Toys and a kaeru naming contest.

For updated info, visit:  http://www.janm.org/events/2009/06/#20