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10 Years of Promoting Digital Inclusion

The DISKovery Center, a community technology program of the Little Tokyo Service Center that helps bring low income seniors, youth, and other adults up to speed on information technologies, will be celebrating its 10 year anniversary this Friday.

This is a pretty big milestone for the program, which had its humble beginnings in a classroom at the St. Francis Xavier Japanese Catholic Center (formerly known as Maryknoll). The idea started with our volunteer-run Technology Advisory Committee, which cobbled together about 20 donated computers, software, equipment, and cabling help. I started working there soon after it opened, and am pretty happy to have seen it grow and come this far.

The program has since moved to the historic Far East Building, with two additional sites in Echo Park and the Torrance/South Bay in partnership with the Japanese Cultural Institute. The DISKovery Center provides basic computer skills training to people who've never touched a keyboard, up to more advanced applications such as digital video production.

This Friday, we're going to unveil a new look for the Center, which'll feature new imacs and a few other nice changes.

Hope you can join us in this celebration. The event will be held at 11 AM at 353 E. 1st Street. Be sure to RSVP! 213.621.4158.