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How our Little Tokyo Wireless Network is Helping a Family

Not too long ago, a national campaign to promote broadband access called Internet for Everyone contacted us to collect some stories about how the Internet is impacting people.

They featured a great story about Rosie Quintero and her family who live in Casa Heiwa, and how our Little Tokyo Unplugged community Wi-Fi network has changed their lives.
The family’s one laptop rarely leaves the kitchen table in their small apartment, where 14-year-old Christian does his homework, 11-year-old Erica plays online games, and mom Rosy stays connected to family and friends abroad. It’s not an overstatement to say that broadband has changed the Quinteros’ world. With almost every aspect of life demanding a high-speed connection, the family is finally able to fully participate.
They also put together a video of her story.

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