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Rock 'n Ruckus!

I know it's a bit late.

But two weekends ago I took my dog to the BEST GROOMER in all of little tokyo, Grace of Muttropolitan (you know you love "punny" names, too!).

Take a peek at some of the adorable work she's done.

While waiting for my pup to get gorgeous, I passed an apparent Ruckus meet-up.

It was across from Honda Plaza in front of the Starbucks.

For those of you uninitiated, the Honda Ruckus (aka Zoomer) is a small, single cylindered scooter, which according to iReport.com gets 100 mpg.

The cons, it can't go on freeways.

The pros... it is very easy to rejigger anyway you want and it gets 100 mpg... hello... 100!!! and it's cute.

Here are some more pictures from last week

read more about it here.