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B-Ball is Coming to Little Tokyo!

From Mike Murase, one of the Little Tokyo Recreation Center boardmembers...

Dear Basketball Families:

After a long wait, we are one step closer to the dream of a 4-court gym in Little Tokyo! The Japanese American community is widely dispersed now and much of our lives are centered in various suburban neighborhoods, schools and workplaces, but Little Tokyo is still a special place.

Imagine the day when you drive into Little Tokyo to watch your children compete against teams from Venice to West Covina, from the Valley to the O.C. Imagine running into your childhood friends or your children making new friends. Then, afterwards going out to eat at a favorite noodle shop, celebrating a victory with sushi, or buying some manju to take home. or stopping by at the Japanese American museum or the JA cultural center. Come home to Little Tokyo where it all began. Join us and let your kids be a part of this exciting new chapter in Little Tokyo's development.

Watch this video to see what a Recreation Center in Little Tokyo can look like:

Won't you be a part of the thousands of families who are ready to bounce? Take THREE SIMPLE STEPS:

__ Come to Little Tokyo on Saturday, November 8, noon to 3 pm at the JACCC Plaza for a community celebration with music and other festivities. Bring your team in your uniforms and bring your balls!!! Join the hundreds of other kids and young adults in uniforms--red, green, blue, black and gold. (Please send us an email at RecCenter@ltsc.org to let us know if you plan to attend so we can get a head count.)

__ Forward this to your family, friends, teammates, organizations, and competitors.

__ Go to the Rec Center website and sign up to be kept informed of each new development.

SPECIAL PRIZES FOR TEAMS (minimum 5 players) that come in uniform.

Sign up at the event to qualify for a special drawing and win a GRAND PRIZE (your next tournament fees, up to $400, paid for by the Rec Center), 2nd Prize (five basketballs, either Men's or Women's, for your practices and layup drills), and other prizes.