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Sea Stars...

This may seem somewhat random but i took a picture of it on my phone and i just had to write a blog on it. But according to the title, yeah, our community's future sometimes shines through even the smallest things......

I walked into Weller today and for the first time, this fountain was running! This thing was beginning to become almost an eyesore at one point, the water inside was all grungy and then all of a sudden the water was flowing today!

There was a story I once heard by this motivational speaker. He said, "there was a beach, and on this beach there were 1000's and 1000's of sea stars. There was also a girl who was picking up the sea stars and throwing them back into the ocean. When a man walked by and told her there were so many sea stars along the beach and that she wouldn't make a difference, she looked him in the face, threw a sea star into the ocean and said, 'i just made a difference.'" So although that may have been the lamest and corniest story you've ever heard, it illuminates my point that even the small things make a difference and those small things bring hope.