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Reflections on Redress, 20 years later...

This post is completely personal (and doesn't reflect the thoughts of any of the organizations which I work with and respect):

It's an interesting feeling to celebrate the accomplishment of redress in 2008, and as the year comes to a close it makes me think about how far we've come, but more importantly how far we still need to go.

Questions arise:

If redress defined a generation, what defines this generation?

If redress united the community, what unites us today?

and most importantly if redress was truly meant to ensure that "hate, discrimination and prejudice are to never occur again" what are doing today to continue that legacy?
At first it's frustrating when you hear members of your own community more or less complacent with their place in society, not interested in fighting for today's causes or standing in solidarity with communities that need us. It's even more frustrating as the next generation who holds the legacy of "insuring that it never happens again" simply lets it go.
But then again, maybe on second thought when really thinking about redress and thinking about it's legacy one can remember.... it's not going to be that easy; but that's what also makes it so great when, one by one, the community does come together. Redress was clearly a movement, but we (and I) sometimes forget until i hear the stories again, that even that movement was slow to start, and seemed impossible; it was no easy task to pull the community together. Maybe now, on third thought, we've just got our work cut out for us......... but i more or less feel ready for it, how about you???