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Mosaic: Liberator album launch

Last weekend my husband & I drove in to Little Tokyo to attend the album launch event for Glenn Suravech's new album "Mosaic: Liberator" at the Aratani Courtyard @ the Union Center for the Arts. As Glenn mentioned when he spoke at the end, it was an appropriate venue because that's where the Tuesday Night Cafes started 10 years ago and continue strong today.

It was a great event. It was free, had food, and held at a time that encouraged families to take part (great to see lots of little kids being exposed to community & independently produced music from the heart). He had acts lined up that were really entertaining. The MCs (Shin Kawasaki & Christine Keiko Agena) were great. Before I knew it, it was over. Wanting to continue listening to the great music, we purchased both "Liberator" and the previous album "Through the Eyes of a Woman". To listen to sample tracks and purchase the CDS, visit his website: www.glennsuravech.com.

All in all, a very inspiring event that was great to see in Little Tokyo!

The performers at the launch event:
Applesauce joined by Shin Kawasaki
Traci Kato-Kiriyama
Alice Tong and +he op+imis+
Justinellipsis and the Wells of People