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Ahhhhhhh, I can't believe P:C! is already overrrr! :( I still remember the first few meetings when we didn't even know each other, and jeeeeez, those weeks flewww by. I'm sooo grateful to Sen, Craig & Kristin for EVERYTHING--for putting up with us every week, for reminding us every single day to blog, work on the script, etc., and just for giving us this awesome opportunity to embrace our community.

Through P:C! I've really discovered my place in the community. I can and will be heard. I've learned that even though I'm young, my opinions matter and I can make my voice heard. I'm really interested in joining some sort of org after this. I love planning things (yes, like events) so I'd love to use that to help out LT. haha SORRYYYY i didn't let you know earlier, Sen. I'll help you plan next year's culmination. (:

Overall, P:C! was just amazing. All the people I met have made such an awesome impact on me and my feelings towards LT and JAs in general. I'll never forget my P:C! experience. I'm gonna miss seeing everyone each Tuesday...but no worries, this isn't the last Little Tokyo will see of meeee. (;