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Yard Sale: Support kids living in J-town

Do you know that there is a vibrant community of young folks--kids and teenagers who live in Little Tokyo? They live at Casa Heiwa, a 100-unit affordable housing building on 3rd near Los Angeles Street, just above the Little Tokyo Service Center at 231 E. 3rd Street. And you thought Little Tokyo residents were all Japanese, Korean seniors, artist/loft folks and new urbanites!

On Saturday, June 28th,the Afterschool Program had a Car Wash. They were able to raise $200. This was one of a string of fundraisers planned in the summer. Earlier in June, they had a bake sale, and tomorrow, the youth (ages 5-18) from the Casa Heiwa After-School program will be holding their 3rd fundraiser of the summer.

Proceeds from the yard sale and the other fundraisers will help to raise funds for their trip to a water park this summer and their annual camping trip.

The Yard Sale will be held this Saturday, July 12th from 10:30 am to 3:00 pm. Meet them on the yard at the big, green gate, enter from Los Angeles Street, just north of 3rd Street. Come check it out, and maybe, just maybe, you'll go home with some new treasures!