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Where do I belong?

Some people in the world truly ask this question. They feel lost and confused, wondering who they are and what they should do. In order to fit in, you first have to know yourself. Ask yourself basic questions. What makes you different than everyone else? What makes you the same as everyone else? Finding yourself is the first step to finding others. Eventually, you will find people with similar interests and people who can truly accept the person you are, not a fake interpretation of who you are not.
Some people say that they can survive alone in the world. This is a lie. People attempt to lie to themselves and everyone around them, shutting themselves out from the world. Sadness and loneliness is all that follows.
So again, the question "where do I belong?" is asked. Well the answer is not the same for everyone. Someone cannot tell you where you truly belong. You need to find the answer for yourself. No one is alone in this world. Some people just find their friends faster than others. So go find the community where you belong!

(From Anime Shakugan no Shana)