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Whats so important?

Why is your ethnicity so important? what makes it so defining? well, one reason is that it links the past to the present. It creates a sort of connection that someone has to their grandparents, great grandparents and so on; even if they didnt know them personally. so one should not be ashamed of their heritage, but embrace it. we should all learn about our past and strive to keep that connection alive. Places such as Little Tokyo are one of the many physical appearances of that ethnicity. It has the history. It has the connection. So why not do everything we can do preserve it? Why not keep it alive so that future generations can experience what we are experiencing today? Dont let the future slip away into something we will regret. Instead, take hold of the future and sculpt it with your own hands, so that one day, it will be something you are proud of.

(Samurai Champloo)

*note* since im such an anime nerd, im going to upload a pix that i feel fits w/ my post just for fun =)