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Take Your Shoes Off...

Take your shoes off has become a well known catch phrase of the little tokyo community in L.A. and now I understand what it truly means. When I heard it for the first time, I was totally confused, but after the Mr. Watanabe explained it at the LTSC, I understood what it meant. 

Basically the phrase means, outside businesses can come into Little Tokyo, but they have to respect the community as a home. For example, like going into a Japanese American home, you must respect their custom to "take your shoes off when you come into this home". Businesses must respect our values and customs and not destroy what our community truly is and replace it with their own fake materialistic vision of what Little Tokyo is. I learned so much in the last meeting, including that phrase. I saw into the passions of the people involved with the community and I was able to meet many new people who lead in the community. 

I listened to a lot of speeches that day, and one thing they all had in common, was the love and care that they all had. At least twice that day I was almost moved to tears; you can not fake passion. These people who gave the speeches were heads of non profit organizations that are in Little Tokyo, that have all seen Little Tokyo in all states, and are all working together to improve it for the future. Again and again I am inspired by things and people I see in Little Tokyo, and for the first time, I see what could be instead of what once was.