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so with project community and obon season present, ive been making the horrible, trafficy drive down to la quite often now. ive had a lot of time to walk around lt and walk down the same streets i did growing up seeing all the change present. like this past weekend.. after i went to temple, i spent time walking around shopping looking for something to change into since i was an idiot and dressed in the hottest clothing ever -__- i hit all the little stores in village plaza probably three times each. but as i was walking around i passed all the closed stores that i remember going into when i was six, or seeing the new american apparel going up with some trippy new clothing store next to it. i cannot expect to only see JA's when i walk through littly tokyo since the groups have become so diverse. i felt as if though some people were staring at me as i walked through the plaza so quickly cuz i knew where i was going. i kinda just wana be like, well this isnt some little tourist place that you thought looked interesting with all the japanese culture around with cool/weird looking stores you happened to stumble upon. b/c im not very nice all the time. all of this might make no sense because i tend to ramble and not re read on posts such as these. but basically, even though the crowd is different, its better than lt being a dead zone, so im happy there is interest. as long as people are here, we have a chance to get them involved in the other events and projects. get childrens day and such back to how it was in yonder years. :) im going to be late for pc now, so the end.