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project: community! - day two

Tuesday was the day when I realized that a community is bigger and more DIVERSE than the last time I could remember. We did all sorts of fun activities that helped ourselves remember and really know who we are. Everyone had different activities and events that helped shape their lives, making us all realize that everyone is different and therefore our community is diverse. Activities that we take part in (no matter what it is) take space and people, and those different people and different activities and space are what make the community. A community is not only people who play basketball or are solely Japanese American, but it is also people of many different races who dance and even play the guitar. The point is that LT is part of our community and is, therefore, also diverse.

I realized in this session that I am very similar to many people in p:c!, but that in many ways I am different. It helped me gain knowledge of my heritage/ culture and who I REALLY am. Identity is important and we all must take pride in who we are.

Once again, we ate Yogurtland and just as every other time, it was amazing :)

I have really been enjoying p:c! and it is something that I look forward to every week! :)