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project: community! - day three

So today I'm going to start my blog by saying that Sen made my day by having us start with an ice breaker; I won and got the pleasure of wearing this pretty hat :) - I AM SUPER! (thanks Sen!)

After wearing my "I am Super" hat, the advisers for the day decided to tear apart my group's ideal LT and put in a Teddy Graham factory in place of our convention center. I must add that they did this without our permission. Why did they do this? They did that because that is what is currently going on in LT. So, to really show this, we took a tour of LT. We visited places like JVP that are currently topics of discussion on "redoing." This made me realize that right now is the time to take action. If we wait any longer, we won't get what we want.

Our last activity that we did was we began talking about our final project! I am in present and my group had a lot of good ideas...So, everyone should come out to see it!