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Project community! : day 2

Yesterday was my second session with the project community! group at the JACCC.  I found that this second session was much more creative and artistic than the first session.  Each of us were allowed to express who we are through art.  We began by learning more about each person with the use of toilet paper.  I discovered that i shared commonalities with many of the other people in the group.  Then we filled out slips of paper in which we discovered what makes each of us unique, and what makes us our individual self.  Then we moved on and drew a map of our lives.  We were given markers and an empty canvas, and soon we all had pictures of what were important to us such as sports, education, and church.  We presented each of our posters to everyone in the group.  I discovered more commonalities that i share with other people in the group such as an interest in sports and an interest in music.
 The first few workshops set us all up for the last workshop.  In the last workshop the group was given a large sheet of paper, makers, paints, and the task of creating our own version of the little tokyo mural that is located on the corner of central and 1st street. Each person contributed a different part to our beautiful mural.  When the mural was first taking shape, it just looked like a whole bunch of random drawings, however towards the end of the workshop you could see how all the different drawings contributed something unique to the mural.  I found that this session was a lot of fun.
This session also had a lot of "substance" as well.  I learned a lot more about who i am, and what my community means for me.  I also learned that i have as small as i may seem, i can cause ripples and make a difference in my community.  As a part of our community each of us can shape the future of our community.  The thing that i received from this session is that, our unique identity plays an essential role in the bigger picture of our community.  And like a small stone hitting a big lake, i can cause change, we as a group can cause change, and better the future of our little tokyo. 
Can't wait till next tuesday.