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Project: C! (week 4)

As a whole, Project: Community has been an eye-opener. In these past 4 weeks, I have been filled with endless information about Little Tokyo's history and even the JA community as a whole! In 4 weeks I have gone from learning history about Little Tokyo to brainstorming and creating it. As of the future(project), it was really hard from my group and me to come up with many idealistic ideas for Little Tokyo. It always seemed like we were missing out on something or maybe attracting the wrong crowds. Basically what I was thinking was that, what could we add to Little Tokyo that would still make Little Tokyo feel like how its been? Other than that, week 4 was probably the most exciting session yet! We got to meet the head honchos and see what they do for Little Tokyo and how we are part of its future. What made my day was the tuesday night cafe! Iris and I said that in the future we would perform up there! :) be prepared for "wild horses" by natasha bedingfield coming your way! hopefully... :\ and no worries I won't be singing!