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G Shamisen saying goodbye?

Over the past couple of years, if you've walked through Japanese Village Plaza, you probably heard the sound of the shamisen (a banjo-like instrument). The guy playing the traditional Japanese instrument calls himself G Shamisen. He really added flavor to the place by bringing something culturally relevant to the Japanese community and entertained the Little Tokyo visitors.

Unfortunately, I just read a bulletin from his MySpace saying that he won't be playing in Little Tokyo anymore. He was pushed out by one of the business owners in the Plaza. He specifically named the business in the bulletin and let me just pass along that something smells fishy. The more I discover about the dynamics of Little Tokyo now that I work here and blog about the community, it appears to me that the future of Little Tokyo lies with its business owners. What do you think?

Find out where G Shamisen will be playing next: www.myspace.com/gregtsushamisen