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During Session 4, i have learned a lot of things that I never knew before and even experienced things i've never done. This session made me realized how much i've been missing out in little tokyo and how I've never been to any events or even janm! Going to this session made me realize so many things i am missing out and how I really do need go back to little tokyo and have fun. I was very happy when i went to janm since i've never been there before and now that i have, i really want to go with my family because i've never been there. Walking around let me see other things other than the place i always lived in. Going to the Tuesday Night Cafe had truly changed my views with music because the music there was very inspiring and so were the comedians. I really want to go back now and i can't believe how much i have been missing out. During this session, it was also the first time I've ever been to yogurtland, and wow..that was a blast! (thank you sen :]) And as a community full of a diversity of people, i would love to ask my friends to go visit little tokyo and prove to them that they are missing out too, and to let them know about LT and how to help preserve all the cultures and memories in LT. Can't wait til session 5~

P.S. the food at aloha cafe was great =) i really enjoyed getting to know everyone else
P.S.S. I really wanted to take pictures if i have the chance to =(