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Day Two!!!

My second day at Project Community was even more fun, and for once, I finally had the chance to memorize everyone's name :p. During this meeting, I have learned so many things about other people and how there are many similarities and differences as well. Learning about other people made me understand that I am not just in my little bubble down in my city and that in fact I could meet other people from other places like Orange County, Placentia, etc. Anyways, this time going to the second session was really fun, I especially liked how we got to illustrate ourselves through a map and because of that, we were all able to understand everyone a little bit better. On the second day at project: community!, we learned about ourselves through pieces of toilet papers and played that one game that's like rock paper scissors...only with bears, ninjas, cowboys, and...i think that's it? Overall, doing all these workshops made me learn that one person can change the community and how a community is filled with a big diversity of different kinds of people from difference ethnicities to hobbies and interests.
Unfortunately, I am unable to attend Session 3's meeting due to a sudden conflict (not necessarily a CONFLICT, but yeah, got something to do x.x) and I am very depressed that I wont be learning more about the community and just having fun with other peers. =/ Thus, I'll see you guys in Session 4!!!