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Day 2: Freakin Awesome :)

Well, its been about a week since we've had our second meeting, and im enjoying myself quite a bit. :) Its a lot of fun learning about the Japanese community and meeting new friends while you're at it. I havent learned everybodys name yet, but ive gotten quite a few down, which is a great success for me. Haha! I can't wait for the meeting tonight to see what new "icebreakers" we can try out and other fun projects.

Also, I dont know if anybody saw the front page of the California section of this Sundays LA Times newspaper. There was an article about Little Tokyo, stating that there was only one piece of property left that hasnt been bought out yet. The other areas and buildings that have been bought, for example Mitsuwa, were "going to be converted to a mainstream mall or a Korean themed center, with a Korean market, herbal spa, and electronics store." I dont know what other people think about this, but Im not sure I like it. I prefer Little Tokyo the way it is now and i want it to stay the way it is now for my kids.