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i couldnt think of a title.
but i will surely miss all of you tomorrow, since i am crusinnn in hawaii :]

this program to me is a step above rising stars (no offense to anyone) i think it helps that younger people run the show, and we can keep it casual and fun. I really do hope that our ideal j-town could be made, or we could someday get buildings such as the rec center or our club (PC!) up and running, instead of more housing. Even though my mom says housing could be a good thing because it attracts people to the city and gets peoples interested in events.. i hate the fact that when i come to J-town, i see less and less japanese americans.
and dealing with the LT we made, i really think that new buildings or events should attract a younger crowd. because most of us were dragged down to events we didnt really know about but still got the 'cultural' effect. basically, there should be something for everyone. so all in all... our groups projects' was the best :] it rocked and we should get that made. great job group.
and yes, yogurt land was delicious after ... im really sad i cant go tomorrow.
hope all you have fun tomorrow