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This past tuesday was my first experience with the new project community organization. It was a lot of fun. We learned about what makes up a community and how we can change and improve upon our own communities. We did several icebreakers and workshops. After being split up into groups, each group received materials and we all made our own model of our ideal little tokyo. Many of the models had some similar buildings. Everyone had famous J-town restaurants such as koraku, mitsuru, fugetsudo, Far East, or Mr. ramen. Many of them also included temples such as higashi and nishi. There were also some building that were put into the models, in attempts to improve little tokyo. One idea that was proposed was the building of a recreation center, where kids could play basketball, or tennis or just have a place to hang out. The idea of this recreation center is a great way to get our project community group active in making J-town a better place. We are looking to understand what J-town stands for and we are looking to improve that. This first session was a great experience, and i am looking forward to next tuesday's session.