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project: community! session two prep

with four days left until our second session, the project: community team and i have been putting together the last minute touches to our workshops. i won't go into too much detail about the workshops, except that they will focus on "identity." i'm sure the kids or participants (i call them kids, even though some of them are taller than me) will post after the session, but if you really can't handle the anticipation, let me know and i'll see what i can do 

in the meantime, enjoy the pictures below. 
photos courtesy of: jaclpsw, kristin & sen. 

this is our town. 

project: community! loves lil toks 


we're getting ready for next year's performances at aratani/japan america theatre. 

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totoro-andre, lion #1-courtney t, lion #2- courtney s, piglet #1-andrew, piglet #2-greg, puppy #1-riki, puppy #2-megan, lego people- michael, tracey, iris, mandy, elena, kristin, craig and me 

all right, back to work. 

peace out lil toks.