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project: community! - day one

on tuesday june 24 at 6 o clock i began the first meeting/session of project: community! to make it short and to the point, the bottom line/idea of the night was that taking part in activities takes space and people; in little tokyo there is limited space for many activities to take place and therefore other big companies come and run over it. to illustrate this point, we made a list of activities that we take part in and put stickers on a map where they take place. then, we split into groups and made our own ideal little tokyo on a small (small=limited space) cardboard sheet (which, by the way, my group won despite what anyone says). in our community, we put in all the essential things that "belong" to little tokyo, such as: THE REC CENTER!, the plaza, janm, jaccc, JAPANESE markets and FOOD places, and parking structures. we also added in things to attract all generations such as: a club for teens and 21+, a park for families, housing for anyone who needs it, as well as a tram for convenient transportation (even though walking is good too!). putting these particular items/things into our community showed what things we could do to help or improve little tokyo.

i felt that these activities worked well with the bottom line. to go along with that, it was fun! im looking forward to the sessions to come and after, of course, eating at one of the many yogurt places in little tokyo! :)