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Project: Community! (Day 1)

As one of the participants of Project: Community! I was pretty nervous stepping into the JACCC building this past Tuesday. Not only was I late, but this was the first time I have participated in an organization outside of West Covina. As soon as i stepped into the room, I was greeted with smiles and laughter which made me feel at home again. It took me awhile to break out of my shell, but the icebreakers the coordinators had planned helped a lot! First, we were given an assignment to draw our rooms, which showed what home was to us. My room didn't look too fabulous mainly because I drew everything as boxes. Next, we discussed what activities and groups we were in that made the community. After sticking stickers onto a map, I saw that the JA community wasn't just some small community I thought it would be. The whole coast was lined with stickers even on the inland parts! The next task we were assigned was to build a Utopia kind of thing except for Little Tokyo. After viewing all the groups, we all had many things in common such as temples, and restaurants. With gas prices rising, our group made the brilliant idea of constructing a tram! I know, I know, we are genius! For the first day, I learned so much more about the JA community. I can't wait to learn more and get involved to help the community. This experience left a good taste in my mouth and I can't wait till next Tuesday!