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First Impressions

Being my first day in Project:Community (just like everyone else), I really expect great things to happen from all of our combined hard work. The first day was sort of like a test run where everyone just needed to get used to things. But through many icebreakers, names were easier to match to their faces and the room became a more comfortable environment. During the couple of hours we were there, we established what a community really meant to us and found out what sorts of things affect these communities. We also made our ideal Little Tokyo, which was pretty cool =). This meant that we built a dream Little Tokyo which had everything we wanted or could imagine (keeping it a little realistic). Although we are all newbies at this, I expect this group of teens to produce top quality results at the best of their ability.
I don't know about the other members, but i had fun and i look forward to testing my abilities to see how I can help today's society.