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The first meeting began with ice breakers. Of course, just about what every first meeting entails. Yet I lost track of where the ice breakers stopped and where we began to tackle the idea and basic components of a community.  One of our first tasks was to draw a picture of our room, a part of our community that is close to the heart and a safe zone for many. From there branches sprouted leading the group into discussions to all around our Southern California area, some links even stretched across the continent. Once we mapped out these communities, we began to create models of an ideal J-Town. Popular restaurants, churches, and stores were common on each model. Everyone wished to preserve the old, familiar places that  have kept us coming our whole lives. There was another similarity in the models, each had some form of a recreational center.  As of now, there is no such thing.  Yet for years many people have been dedicated to enforcing the project. People have worked hard and do not deserve their efforts to become a lost cause. Which is just what I believe Project: Community! is trying to promote.  It is empowering the young voices of the community to take actions and become involved now. The future is creeping up, and someone needs to be prepared